What can we do for you?

We create automated weather forecast for wide range of customers. We are freelancers located in Croatia, but we operate around globe, anywhere you need. Our current customers range from little web sites that want to have weather forecast for their village web, up to private meteorological organizations that require to have best possible gridded meteorological data, ready to process and sell to their own customers. So, if you feel that you need anything that include weather forecast data, it is likely that we can help you to achieve your goals.

You want to have your own WRF model data, but don't have hardware to run it? Or, you don't have knowledge to set it up and do maintenance? Or, you don't want to make additional costs to your electric bill running powerful hardware 24/7/365? Or, you might not have enough network bandwidth to download big input files few times every day and upload products to your customers? Or you don't have air-conditioned room to keep hot hardware (and you) cool during summer? Or you just don't like idea of having noisy computer spinning fans whole night near you? We solve all those problems at once!

Here is very uncomplete list of possible solutions that we can provide:

If you want to see what we did so far, for example take a tour through our main webpage meteoadriatic.net. It is in Croatian language, but we will help you a bit:

Homepage: http://meteoadriatic.net. Various WRF maps for southern Europe, start from here and then use links near top of page (in table) to change products: http://meteoadriatic.net/prognoza/karte/wrf-arw-3-hrvatska/6-satne-akumulirane-oborine.html. GFS maps for medium range forecast are here: http://meteoadriatic.net/prognoza/karte/gfs/aktualni/z3_precipitation.html. Here you can find fully automated forecast for general public, created from WRF output: http://meteoadriatic.net/prognoza/pictograms/trodnevna_prognoza_hrvatska.html. Similarly, forecast from WRF model in tables for various locations, this is example for Zagreb: http://meteoadriatic.net/prognoza/tablice/Zagreb.html. Next but not last, these tables are regionally processed output from WRF, there is also an archive that you can browse with drop-down menus: http://meteoadriatic.net/prognoza/pictograms/tablicni_podaci.php.

A word about our prices

Our prices are very competent, so that your business - whatever it is - can be very profitable using our services. Forget about huge prices that doesn't have any base in reality! For example, we can give you small forecast from GFS model for your region (a set of forecast maps) for as low as ~20eur/month, including our hosting bandwidth. Or, we can run WRF model for your region and give you set of final products, again including hosting bandwidth for products, for price starting from as low as ~100eur/month. If you are meteorological organization that needs gridded data for reselling to your customers, the price will be somewhat higher, but please contact us, we guarantee that we can make a fair deal. For international payments, we accept Paypal, Western Union or bank account transfers. Keep in mind, that in most arrangements, you don't need to pay until end of first month of service up and running, so your business is always risk free! Also, there are no long time contracts; you use the service as long as you need it, or you're satisfied with it. When you don't anymore, just cancel, anytime, any reason.

What we proudly did so far?
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